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10 Excellent Persuasive Argumentative Essay Topics

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Read this blog if you looking for Excellent Persuasive Argumentative Essay Topics. This blog will provide you with all the knowledge you need about academic writing secrets.

You’re overjoyed at the prospect of writing a powerful persuasive essay.

Is the subject one that elicits powerful emotions and holds significance for you? Is it necessary for you to persuade your audience that your point of view is correct? It is imperative that you do so. Finding themes that are both interesting to you and have a considerable amount of research to study, on the other hand, might be difficult. In order to produce a convincing argumentative essay, I’ve compiled a list of 10 bold persuasive argumentative essay topics into which you can sift through facts and data. I hope you may find these useful.

These essay prompts cover a wide range of themes. Some are recent happenings, while others are ongoing difficulties, and still, others are unusual notions that you may focus on to write a unique persuasive arguing essay. Research can be found on almost any topic. Keep in mind, though, that you should look at things from many perspectives. No matter how passionately you feel about a subject, you should consider different points of view while writing about it.

10 Persuasive and Argumentative Essay Topics

Athletes Kneeling During Sporting Events is Number One.

Should athletes be permitted to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem as a form of protest? Different points of view are compared and contrasted. Then present a compelling argument for why others should agree with you. Make use of examples and respond to the opposing side’s arguments. What proof do you have to support your claim? This is an excellent method to conclude your essay by stating what you would like people to do in response to the situation.

#2 Consume a Healthy, Well-Balanced Diet

What is the most effective diet for weight loss? Experiment with various weight-loss strategies. Conduct research to identify which diet is the most effective for a specific group of people (children or teens, adults, people with high cholesterol etc.) If you can be more choosy in who you choose for your group of people, the higher the quality of your argument will be.

Dietary alternatives can be a contentious topic. Make sure to think about the health professionals’ arguments for and against a diet. Take a look at how successful these diets were. Is there any risk or danger in sticking to a diet, regardless of whether the findings are reliable?

The third and final item on the list is social media changes and government restrictions.

Should Facebook, Twitter, and Google, among others, be required to divulge who, what group, or organisation is supporting political ads? There are several approaches to answering this topic. Consider how one social media platform handles its advertising. You might also want to take a look at how one country is attempting to control social media. Do you believe that the regulations will be effective?

4th there’s a social cause to consider.

Persuade others to support a worthwhile social cause. Examine why that cause is so important, and why people should act and support it as a result. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of making a change while choosing a social cause. There is a social movement that opposes almost every social issue that exists. Examine both points of view.

This topic should be presented in a way that contains facts, data, and instances of why something has to be changed. The stronger your case for change and the more persuasive your explanation for why people should act, the more proof you have. It’s a great way to wrap up this conversation by pointing out what people can do to improve their own life.

#5 Positive vs. Negative Habits

Persuade people to start and maintain a good habit, or discourage a harmful habit from starting (for example, smoking) (e.g. smoking). Look into the reasons why people should start and keep a good habit. If you’re writing about how to quit a negative habit, research why it’s terrible and how people can break the cycle of poor habits. Explain why practice is helpful if you want people to start doing it. Are you able to explain the benefits to someone else? Please share your ideas if you believe this is a terrible habit.

If you have a contentious habit, you should consider changing it. Are you, for example, advising someone to start a new health habit? Are you pleading with them to refrain from doing something? Examine the excuses used to prevent people from the beginning or ending a habit.

The United States is ranked #6 in terms of gun violence.

What measures should Americans employ to combat the problem of gun violence in America? If you choose this topic, create an argument for a policy or reform that you believe should be enacted. This subject can also be tackled from the standpoint of opposing a policy or reform. Make sure you cover both sides of the argument you’re making.

You may look into issues like banning assault weapons in schools, arming teachers in schools, and repealing the United States Constitution’s Second Amendment. You could also look into concerns that could aid in the treatment of mental illness. You should limit your essay to one specific policy to properly explore this topic because you will be able to gather exact research and facts if you do so.

#7 What could be done to improve education?

Examine one policy change, one curriculum change, or anything else that could be done to improve education in your community (country, region, state, etc). (country, region, state etc.) Others should be informed and persuaded as to why they should make the adjustment. Consider the reasons why someone would be opposed to a change in schooling while making a decision. One good way to bring this conversation to a close is to suggest what folks may do to help bring about change.

#8: A Free College Education

Should tuition-free programmes be available at public colleges and universities? New York State, for example, offers free tuition at public schools and universities. Tuition help is also available in various other states in the United States for college students. There are also free public colleges that are open to the general public in several countries. Examine a number of options and weigh in on competing viewpoints. You can then argue in favour of or against free higher education.

The ninth recommendation is to buy essays and research papers.

Is it OK for students to buy essays on the internet? Consider writing it from a student’s point of view. To my knowledge, there are no lecturers or scholars who would support this alternative.) Examine the conclusions of studies on how many students buy essays from firms, why they buy essays from companies, and the risks and rewards of doing so. Then you can debate whether buying essays and research papers is a good idea or not.

In the recent headlines, several examples of students being caught buying essays and papers have been published. Examining the situations that have already been mentioned is a good method to approach this subject. This is a difficult topic, especially when it comes to teachers and professors grading your essays and papers. Consider how courageous you want to be when you submit an essay to your professor on this topic.

This Is One Th That Everyone Should Read (#10)

What is one piece of writing that you believe everyone should read? A book, a newspaper, a historical record, a comic book, a magazine, a philosophical article, or poetry could all be examples. Choose a text that you believe every individual should read at least once in their lives. Pay close attention to the material and why it is important. What facts or arguments do you have to back up your claim that that text should be read?

This is a contentious topic, despite the fact that it may not appear to be such. People who read your essay might have strong feelings about the books, newspaper articles, and other sources you mention. Do you think everyone will agree with you if you choose a religious text? It’s highly unlikely that they will. Consider why someone might disagree with your decision so you can be ready to overcome their objections.


There are plenty of interesting persuasive argumentative essay topics to choose from, and there is something for everyone. You should select a topic that piques your curiosity and inspires you to write about it. Evidence should also be included. You’ve got the makings of a great persuasive essay when you have all of these pieces in place.

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