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Checklist for Academic Essays-Is your Essay Ready to Submit

Table of Contents

Academic essays are different from articles or blog posts as they require more in-depth research, statistical analysis, references, and more. Keeping these, and several other parameters in check can improve the quality of your academic essays while also enhancing their potential to attain higher grades. However, for custom academic essay writing, you need to master the skills to explore various aspects of your topic, collect relevant data, conduct research analysis, and close the essay with a result-oriented conclusion. Below is a checklist you can use while writing academic essays to make them compelling and ensure they are ready to submit to the relevant authorities.


While writing your academic essay, make sure that your content relates to the title. You are most probably required to write your essay within a certain number of words or pages. If you provide irrelevant examples or address unnecessary issues, your essay may cross the word count limit. So, make sure that all paragraphs relate to the title at all stages.

Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement has to be precise and clear. It should not be more than two sentences in length. In other words, it can be a brief explanation of the topic that gives the central idea or argument of your essay.

Essay Structure

While writing academic essays, you need to maintain a basic structure throughout. For example, your points should have a logical sequence in the body. For that purpose, you can create headings, bullet points, or short paragraphs to separate one point from the other. Besides, each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence and all paragraphs should also link to each other.

Examples and References

Provide examples where required. You can also give quotations from other research papers or essays that have some link to your essay. While doing so, do not forget to cite all sources using the required citation style, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.

Writing Style and Tone

Academic essays mostly have a formal, objective, and evidence-based writing style. However, check the required writing style or tone before you start writing and write your essay in that style. Do not use casual language as it does not give a scholarly sense.

Clarity or Coherence

You should use academic language and vocabulary in your academic essay. However, do not lose clarity while using formal vocabulary or writing style. Your sentences should be concise and should make sense. Besides, your examples should be relevant and fit logically with the context of the topic.

Word Count

Always read the instructions before starting to write. Your essay should not exceed the required word count or page count. Besides, it should also not be too short of the limit. Use comprehensive language to maintain a balance of word count in each paragraph.


Make sure that your essay meets the required formatting requirements, such as fonts, margins, spacing, etc. You can personalize formatting in different articles, but for academic essays, you need to adhere to the guidelines. So avoid imposing your own formatting styles unless you have no specific guidelines to use a certain formatting style.

Check Plagiarism

Checking plagiarism is one of the most important steps you need to check in academic essays. Content from other sources is not acceptable and it will give you no grades. Always create your own content, and use plagiarism-checking tools, such as Turnitin, to ensure that your essay does not include any plagiarized content.


Grammatical and typographical errors may appear while writing academic essays. However, you can remove them by proofreading your essay once you have completed it. If you are going to submit your academic essay online, you can use the Grammarly tool to highlight and correct your mistakes.

Target Audience

You should know your audience while writing your essay. You are not supposed to talk to the examiner or professor in your essay, but to a certain community or audience, depending on your topic. While conducting research and analysis, make sure to meet the requirements of your audience and drive results accordingly.

Personal Information

Adding your personal information at the designated spot is one of the most important checkpoints. Always make sure to add your name, course information, or other required pieces of information before starting your work.


Once you have completed your essay, proofreading your essay is the best way to overcome your potential mistakes, errors, or structural flaws. You can correct your grammar mistakes and adjust the sequence of your paragraphs or sentences as you want. Proofreading will make your essay shine and make it more compelling.

Adhering to these points that improve the structure and content of your academic essay. You can always add further points to this checklist to make your essay even more comprehensive, informative, well-structured, and descriptive. If you have to submit essays online, you will find more options and time to edit them through various tools, such as Turnitin, Grammarly, etc. to remove plagiarism and avoid grammatical mistakes. In that way, your academic essay will be ready to submit, and will hopefully provide you with good grades.

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