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Tips on Writing a Good Feature Article

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Feature articles can be different from news articles as they give detailed coverage of certain facts or issues related to the topic. Their main characteristics may include their storytelling elements, descriptive language, unique perspective, etc. Feature article writing demands you to do some research on the topic, explore various facts, analyses, and characteristics, and compile them in a narrative tone. There are several aspects you should keep in mind when you start to write a feature article. Here, we will discuss some tips or suggestions you can adhere to write an amazing feature article.

Select a unique topic

Selecting the right topic for your feature article is the key to making it engaging. People mostly write on trending topics which brings more and instant traffic to their articles. However, this practice generally fails in the long run. When the trend is outdated, readers don’t search for that content, and the article does not get engagement. On the other hand, choosing a unique topic brings long-term results. For example, writing ‘how to’ articles can be more effective as readers keep searching for guidelines on how to perform a certain task.

Conduct research

Do some research on your topic to find relevant information. Collect data, statistical analysis, or quotes from relevant people to include in your article, which can make your article informative and readers may like it. Do not include incorrect, irrelevant, or unverified information as it can mislead your readers.

Know your audience

While writing your article, you need to keep your audience in your mind. Your awareness of their interests and preferences is very important to craft your content accordingly. Align your writing style and tone with the expectations of your target audience. For example, if you are writing for adults, maintain a mature tone and reflect on their life experiences, knowledge, and concerns through your content. Similarly, when writing for women, consider addressing topics and issues that are relevant and meaningful to them, using a tone and style that resonate with their experiences and perspectives.

Maintain a narrative tone

Your narrative tone may include a storytelling technique or sharing personal experiences. This can engage readers on an emotional level and grab their attention to read the full article. Besides, it will also enhance your feature article writing skill, which will be helpful in writing other types of articles.

Use attractive headings and bullets

Describing your key points in the form of headings or bullets is a good practice to attract readers. An article with long paragraphs and no headings sounds boring and users do not tend to read it completely. Adding headings and bullets can create a charm in it and readers may acknowledge a sub-topic by reading the heading before reading the body text. In that way, more people tend to read and enjoy your feature articles.

Add quotes and anecdotes

Adding quotes from interviews or anecdotes can make your feature article more compelling and reliable. Readers often prefer to hear words directly from the source, rather than through the filter of others. After reading quotes, they also appreciate reading the writer’s analysis or commentary on them, as this practice enhances the credibility of your feature article.

Engage the reader

Engaging the reader is the key to enticing them to read the entire article. Various methods can be employed to achieve this, including posing thought-provoking questions intermittently, prompting them to express their thoughts in the comments section, providing a clear call to action, and more. Enhancing reader engagement can result in a deeper understanding of the topic.

Organize your content

The visual appeal of your article is crucial for capturing the reader’s attention. To maintain a logical flow, use headings, subheadings, and bullet points throughout the article. Ensure a balanced distribution of text under each heading, unless a specific aspect of the article requires more detailed coverage. Avoid repetition of information in different sections. Conclude your article effectively, offering a summary, an actionable call to action, or any other relevant element.

Use feature image

An image can convey more than words, so incorporating a featured image at the beginning of your content alongside the topic is a sound practice for engaging readers. Your featured image should be relevant to your topic, while also being free from copyright infringement. Different websites offer royalty-free images, which can protect your content from copyright strikes, so using such images is a recommended practice.

Keep length in check

Feature articles typically span from 800 to 2,500 words or more, depending upon the subject matter, the extent of research and data involved, and various other considerations. It’s advisable to assess the length of comparable articles related to your topic and aim for a similar word count. Strive for a balance – your article should neither be too concise nor excessively lengthy. It should be comprehensive enough to encompass all the information you intend to convey without exceeding the point of becoming boring for the reader.

Edit and proofread

Once you have completed your article, take time to read the entire text to identify potential mistakes. Writers often make grammatical or typographical mistakes while writing feature articles as they mainly focus on the content. A comprehensive read-through can help you spot potential errors or areas for improvement. Addressing these issues can elevate your content into an amazing feature article.

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