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How to Write an Essay Introduction, Steps & Examples

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Why do people read long essays? Do they really have enough time from their tough work schedules to move from the main thesis of an essay to research, detailed analysis, compare and contrast, results and conclusions, and so on? Well, it’s largely because of the essay introduction, the gateway to grab readers’ attention and convince them to read the full story. If essay writing is an art, writing an essay introduction represents a distinct and equally intricate form of this art. An appealing introduction is the key to engaging more readers, regardless of what type of essay you are going to write. Here, we will discuss a few tips and tricks, along with some steps you may follow while crafting an introduction to your essay.

Structure of the Introduction Paragraph

There can be multiple views on how an introduction should be structured, but we will talk about a few useful methods to make your essay’s structure shine.

Hook your reader

Starting your essay with a shocking fact, a thought-provoking question, a relevant quote, etc. can be a good practice to grab the reader’s attention. Such a start increases curiosity in the reader’s mind and he tends to read more to learn more or find the answer.

provide context

After the hook, provide a hint about the answer or a little more detail about your first sentence to give context related to your topic. Do not write too much about it; one or two sentences will be enough for the context.

Outline your thesis

Your thesis statement includes the main point or the argument of your essay. You should write an appealing thesis to attract the reader and guide him on what you will discuss in the body.

Discuss the Structure

In the next sentence, discuss the structure of your essay, which may include highlights, the main points, the sequence of events, and so on. It will help the reader get a close overview of your essay and leave a good first impression.

Transition to the Body

The transition sentence can be a bridge between the introduction and the first body paragraph, which means that it should nicely link both paragraphs. It should create a logical flow to allow the readers to understand how the introduction relates to the body content.

Following this pattern will provide your essay with an eye-catching introduction to encourage people to read it in detail and give their feedback. On a side note, it will also flourish your creativity and critical thinking skills and make you an improved essay writer.

Now, let’s explore some additional tips and tricks you should adhere to in order to make your essay even more attractive.

Pro Tips for Writing Essay Introduction

Following these tips will further improve the engagement and reader’s interest in your essay. These are some of the key tips, do not hesitate to use any of those that come to your mind.

Stick to the Point

Considering the niche and topic you have chosen, focus on its main point that the reader will explore in detail as he goes through your essay. At first glance, readers must know what this essay is about and why should they read it. Do not give excessive information in the introduction as it might feel boring.

Brief But Not Too Short

The introduction should be brief and precise. You might want to share some of the details you covered in the essay, but it’s unnecessary. Focus on sharing only relevant information and observing it from a reader’s perspective to make it better. Also, by being brief, we certainly don’t want you to overlook even the necessary points. So, be precise, but not too short in introducing your essay.

Be Relevant

Sometimes, you may want to share some examples of other relevant topics in your essay introduction, which is not necessary. Always write in accordance with your topic because you do not have enough space to discuss lengthy arguments in the introduction. Relevancy is the key to grabbing a reader’s attention.

Use Simple Tone

A simple tone and simple vocabulary can be easily understood by all levels of audiences, which means you will get more engagement. People generally like to read simple texts rather than difficult and advanced English vocabulary. However, it still depends on your topic and your audience, so apply this rule only where applicable.


Reading your own text again can highlight several unnoticed mistakes. So, it is a good practice to revise your introductory paragraph before you make it public.

Example of an Introduction Paragraph

Reflect upon the following introductory passage for an essay focused on ‘The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Future of Work.

“Artificial Intelligence is a major player in today’s quickly changing tech world. It’s changing how industries work, redefining jobs, and shaping how people find work. This essay aims to explore the large impact of Artificial Intelligence on the workforce by addressing the new challenges and opportunities that come along. We will also discuss some of the key skills and competencies required to cope with the future challenges in the technical world, where man will most probably have to collaborate with machines to perform several tasks.”

The above example can give you an overview of how to be precise, relevant, informative, and transitive, all at once while writing an essay introduction. You can follow the same pattern while writing an essay introduction on different topics.

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