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tools and resources for making research paper assignment: 5 Tools and Resources

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Learn about tools and resources for making research paper assignment. Read this blog, you will find all the essential information that you require. 

5 tools and resources for making research paper assignment

If you want to learn more about how to write a research paper or if you need help with each phase, check the tools and resources listed below.

1. Google Scholar is a search engine that allows you to search the internet for information.

This is Google’s own search engine, dubbed Google Scholar because it is completely dedicated to scholarly literature. It’s a fantastic resource for finding new research and sources. Furthermore, it is available for usage at no cost.

2. Zotero is a citation manager.

Zotero is a freemium, open-source research manager that functions as a hybrid of a content management system (CMS) and a search engine for academic research. You can use it to look for research sources relating to your topic on the internet and then share the results with your friends and coworkers. In addition, it creates citations on its own.

3. FocusWriter

The capacity to stay attention when writing long research papers is always a challenge. If you’re having trouble avoiding distractions for long periods of time, FocusWriter might be able to help. It’s a simple word processor that eliminates any distracting icons to focus exclusively on what you’re typing on the screen. You may also customize your own backdrops, as well as use additional special features like timed alarms, daily targets, and optional typewriter sound effects, among others.

4. Google Charts.

This helpful and free Google application allows you to create simple charts and graphs using whatever data you enter into the computer. Charts and graphs are a superb visual aid for presenting numerical data, and they’re also a great addition when describing complex evidential studies.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is more than just a grammar checker; it also helps you improve your word choice, checks for plagiarism, detects your tone, and much more. Grammarly’s advice will help foreign language learners as well as people who speak English as a first or second language. Grammarly’s advice will assist even native English speakers.

Frequently Asked Research Paper Questions

What is a research paper’s definition?

It is an academic piece of writing in which the author examines, assesses, and interprets a specific subject using actual facts and statistical data.

When will I be required to submit a research paper during my undergraduate career?

Many college courses use research paper assignments to assess students’ understanding of a particular topic or their research skills in general. Depending on the subject and professor, you should expect to write at least a few research papers before graduating.

What is the best technique to choose a research paper topic?

If you aren’t assigned a topic, think of one that is wide enough to allow you to provide sufficient proof while yet being specific enough to cover all of the basics. Choose a topic that interests you personally if at all feasible; this will make the process much more fun.

May you please advise me where I could conduct research for my paper?

The great bulk of research nowadays is conducted online or in libraries. The utilization of old periodicals, such as newspapers or magazines, as well as visual material, such as documentary films, may be beneficial for some topics. Visiting museums, parks, and historical sites may also be beneficial.

In a research article, how do you properly cite sources?

The best way to prepare citations depends on the style you’re using, so read the assignment instructions thoroughly before getting started. The most popular styles used in school research projects are MLA and APA, but there are others.

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